super white granite price

super white granite price – Super white Countertops provides this exotic material at a very affordable price.
In the market for an elegant granite counter tops} without a lot of excess color? If so, then super white granite is an excellent choice. Let’s start with the cost the purchase price, if purchasing multiple slabs you can expect the cost per square foot for superwhite granite to be in the ballpark of $60 per square feet. Having a professional fabricator cut, edge, and install your slab brings your actual cost to $85-100+ per sq ft.
In fact a quartzite, super white originates from quarries in Brazil and is a light grayish white in color with gray veins running throughout each stone. This particular variety of quartzite looks much like some types of marble, but it is a lttle bit more durable and affordable. A large number of home builders and remodelers opt for super white due to its clean, crisp feel and sleek beauty. Also, custom countertops can add significantly to the value of your home if you make a decision to resell it later on down the road.