What is Super White Quartzite

Is Super white Quartzite Granite Marble Quartz?

Some suppliers list it as a granite and others have it sorted under marble. “Is Super White a granite or a marble?” The answer is neither.

Recent kitchen we completed in SuperWhite Quartzite

In fact, many of the natural stones sold as “granite,” such as our Uba Tuba are not actually “true granite” according to geological standards.  There are so many different geological specific terms for all the natural stones, so they are put into the broader “granite” category because they will all present and can be treated like granite.

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Super White is a Quartzite (not “quartz countertops”). Quartzite is harder than granite. Quartzite is a tough, non-foliated metamorphic rock (Quartzite is not to be confused with man made Quartz countertops)

The Best way to classify super white quartzite is due to its make up of each slab. the lighter areas tend to be made from more limestone like marble and the darker areas represent quartz material veining.  We recommend a sealing application for kitchen use.


Super White Quartzite slab

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