Super White Countertops (QUARTZITE)

Super White is classified as quartzite because of the amount of quartz material in the stone. Call today to come pick out your slabs. Super white quartzite is a great material for Kitchen and bathroom application. We have many examples of our work below as we provide material, fabrication and Installation services to the great Chicago Metro area.

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We are a direct importer of Super White Countertops.

Quartzite vs. Marble

Quartzite is a great alternative to other stones, such as marble, for many reasons. First it is very similar in appearence to natural marble stone. So, if you are looking for the look of marble, quartzite is a great option to consider. Quartzite is a better alternative to marble because of its durability and its makeup of the stone. Quartzite is a much harder material than marble, which means it stands up to regular wear and tear better, such as scratches, stains and etching. Quartzite requires less long term maintenance than marble. Marble is a porous material, it should be resealed often. Quartzite is a non-porous material, and its original seal will remain intact for an extended period of time.

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Starting at $28 per sf … See Our Specials

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We go the distance to make your new Super White Countertops a reality.

Installing Custom Countertops takes skill, knowledge and experience. Working in Chicago metro and providing quality super white countertops take that expertise to the next level.

We specialize in white and grey Premium Super White Quartzite  and also carry Standard And Builders grade quartzite. We are a direct importer of this Exclusive material.

EXCLUSIVE! Super White Quartzite In-stock!
3CM (1.25″), 5CM (2″) and 7CM (2.75″) !!!

We provide Material, Fabrication, Installation and Delivery, one stop Shopping!

White Quartize Countertops Commercial/Builder Grade Starting at $28/sf!

Commercial Grade Material. Starting at $28/SF

Slab May have a defect that would need to be worked around.

Standard Grade Material. Starting at $38/SF

Slab meets standard quality standards.

Premium Grade Material. Starting at $48/SF

Slab exceeds standard quality standards.

This is material only. Installation and Fabrication available but not included. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

Expires 11/30/2019

Starting at $28 per sf … See Our Specials

Super White Quartzite, Quartzite is increasingly in-demand natural stone in the last few years. Super White Quartzite has the look of marble with the durability of granite.  Super White Quartzite is sometimes also called Fantasy White Quartzite, White Vermont Quartzite, Super white Granite
Quartzite is a classification of stone that is not Granite and it is not Marble and its defiantly not Quartz (the man made version)
Please browse our vast selection and special offers (Starting at $28 per sf) on select material. We are a direct importer of many of these stones so we can bring you unmatched value with your stone project.

We are the direct importer of Super White Quartzite.  Reserve your material today!

Starting at $28 per sf … See Our Specials

White Granite – Marble- Quartzite Countertops Selection

Starting at $28 per sf … See Our Specials

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